Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rapid Growths

Rapid Growths

Cancer grows rapidly,
when fed with fear,
eats you up in a matter of seconds,
then comes the digestion system.

from a kidney shot,
the room spins, 
then comes to a halt,
and fades to black,
I want to lie down.

Hello Darkness,
my old friend.
Your parents are certainly sweet and supporting, 
I hope you cherish them properly.

The fall,
from omniscient being,
to mortal,
also killed her.
They say it's not the fall that kills,
but while falling,
you know,
you're dead. 

Cancer free you say, 
I can still clearly feel the seeds,
microscopic, but potent,
One walnut sized grenade defused,
when will the next one explode?

Shit not only happens,
but distributes, 
statistically speaking.


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